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  • Natural Wood Housing for Better Bass Response and Acoustic Performance
  • Soft silicone ear buds provide a super comfortable, noise reducing fit
  • Symphonized headphones are perfect for iPhones, iPods and iPads, mp3 players, CD players and more.
  • Built in Microphone
  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium, no-loss sound connection to your audio device.

With its unique acoustical properties, wood provides the best sound reproduction there is, which is why most high-end speakers and many musical instruments are made of wood, not to mention the interiors of concert halls. And that’s where you’ll feel you are when you listen to your favorite audio devices with Symphonized natural wood headphones, with neodymium magnets providing enough power to bring out top-quality acoustics, surrounding you with energizing, high- fidelity sound as if you’re right there at a live show. With their superior strength and durability, excellent noise isolation, distortion-free volume levels and deep base, Symphonized headphones are perfect for iPhones, iPods and iPads, mp3 players, CD players and more. Choose Symphonized natural wood headphones for your listening pleasure, and we’re sure you’ll never go back to plastic.

How is the quality of the mic – especially in a noisy area?
A: Excellent. They don’t block the noise completely but the quality of the sound is impressive and cuts through any noise.

By Chris on June 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
Finally. For years, I’ve been searching for a relatively cheap, sturdy pair of headphones that puts out the kind of sound that can keep up with my insatiable need for the highest quality streams and as much FLAC as I can fit into my ears. After researching a bevvy of options that I’ve trudged through before (Bose, Klipsch, Sony, Skullcandy, etc), I come upon these buds from a manufacturer I’ve never heard of, at a price I couldn’t believe. Skeptical of anything I haven’t read about before, I took to the reviews section to find out why so many people couldn’t stop talking about a company I’d only just discovered for the first time.

Well, Symphonized, whoever the hell you are, you make a damn, damn fine headphone, and I can’t thank you enough for doing it at a price point that doesn’t make me terrified every time I leave them hanging from my neck without proper protection installed. The sound from these is warm, rich, balanced, and gives you everything you could want from your music and then some. Fully recommended to anyone who’s shopping for personal sound on a budget, and even moreso for those who think they need to spend $200 to get a decent pair that plays their albums back accurately.

Musical, natural, makes you fall in love with music
By Pradeep on April 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
I own many kinds of headphones ranging from the Sennhieser HD 650 (which I listen to using a Nuforce Icon HDP amp) to the out of the box ones like the apple ear duds. Not to brag, but to say that I know a bit about high end audio equipment.

I personally like warm music, not a big fan of the higher frequencies.

The Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones with mic (white) is a pair of headphones (or earphones) which makes you want to listen to your music more and more. There is something about certain musical equipment which makes them naturally musical (if there is a such a word for something like that).

I have expected these to be warmer, as they are made of wood (dummy). But, somehow, they have managed to make them sound brighter as well (along with the warm tones which the wooden headphones naturally have).

The main area where this headphone shines is the mid range, which is where the crucial tones lie, making us like the music more. This headphone also enhances the music, like some equalizer has been applied, therefore does not sound flat, which is a good thing if you are a music lover. But if you are expecting very low bass tones, you may be slightly disappointed with this one (you are better off with Denon or maybe Sony, if you want noticeable but jarring bass).. More bass is not a good thing according to me, it is tighter bass which people like (which you get with the Senn HD 650), which is kind of difficult to get with smaller drivers like the ones you find in earphones. So, this headphone is doing its best, given the size.

Same thing applies if you are expecting accuracy in the reproduction of music. You wont get it with this one. But I was not and so are many normal listeners here. We all want to listen to good music, not accurate tones.

Also this one is very loud, people wouldn’t need to or want to listen to this at the max volume, as it might get a bit bright (surprisingly for a wooden headphone) when the volume increases.

If you are wondering what bright means, it is the high end, or screechy sort of noise, which occurs at the higher frequencies (near the upper hearing limits), hence the name high end.

Overall, this headphone makes the music sound more natural and musical (repeating this to emphasize this), with its fantastic mid range, bringing out the vocals and the upper end of the bass tones.

The one button remote works with voice control commands of my iPhone. it is used to toggle pause and play (with single tap) and even go to the next tract (double tap). Long press invokes the voice control. three taps make the song play from the beginning. You have to use the phone buttons to toggle volume, you cant do that with the headphone button.

I can’t stop listening to my fav. tracks as of now.Didn’t feel like this for sometime now, as I was using a crappy earphone earlier (got it with a nokia phone, was using it, as it was portable).

A worthy buy. The quality to price ratio of this one beats all its competitors and maybe even beats the ones which are priced much higher.


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