Is it worth it any more? More and more ads, deals and sales for Black Friday can be found online at websites such as’s Black Friday/Holiday Countdown Store or (for all your computers and electronics) and even brick and mortar stores like are starting to have their own online deals, is it really worth the waiting in lines before dusk in the freezing cold the day after Thanksgiving?

Last year, I ran my sleepy behind over to Target, only to find out the deals I wanted were not valid at the store. I went home checked onlne at’s Black Friday Store and gee whiz, there it was the exact sale online (it was Braveheart (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray] and a bunch of other blu-rays I had been eyeing for a while). I could have just rolled out of bed and signed online and got the same deal without the hassle of driving and waiting in lines at wee hours in the morning.

What will you do this year?

Black Friday Deals Sites Online 2011